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Código: 76561198045626427
¿Cuál es tu nombre en el juego? COF MW 4

En qué servidor ocurrió esto: ntvs us crossfir 24/7

¿Por qué te banearon?: PER RULE 11

¿Cuál es el GUID o SteamID de tu juego? germainp28

¿Por qué debería levantarse su prohibición? first I don't know what rule 11 is

Información Adicional:Second, I love to play well and entertain myself. but when abusers enter to play. It is very noticeable that they are using tricks. example. a normal game ends at 300,000 and the winner 350,000

but when they use tricks. games end in loser 300.00 and the winner 750,000 or more.

I don't think that just on the losing team all the bad guys would be left to play. I've seen one that surrounded by 5 or 6 players nobody kills him and he kills everyone. oh I've seen that they go through the claymor and nothing happens to them

and various abnormal situations

My ban doesn't last long but I think it's unfair whatever rule 11 is. When they cheat they don't make me want to play and all I do is get them killed. if they get bored with that


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First, I only speak and read English, so have no idea what half of that is about.

Secondly, you seem to be talking about two different things, your temporary ban for wall spamming, and the bad behavior of others in the servers.  Both are issues for us.

I temp banned you after I clearly warned you and posted Rule 11: No wall spamming or dumping LMG magazines into walls/areas.  You stopped for a little while, but then went right back to wall spamming without targeting a specific enemy in that area.  I was recording if you you wish to contest this, but it sounds to me like you just disagree with the rule rather than dispute you were breaking said rule. 


The issues on the server you tend to note concern us.  There are some folks who -in my own opinion- should be banned forever from our servers.  You are NOT one of them in my opinion.   I am fully ok with your temp ban being lifted immediately if you will only agree to abide by our rules while in our servers.  Here is a complete list of our server rules as they now stand:


Rule #1: No Racism or disrespect to any players or staff! Dispute this @ nvts.online/appeal
 Rule #2: Problem with a player? Use !report or goto our discord @ ^3nvts.online/discord
Rule #3: This is an English speaking server only - This is to prevent foul language and other rude chatter.
Rule #4: No game exploit abusing... This includes elevators, and other extreme glitches. Dispute this @ nvts.online/discord
Rule #5: No offensive or potentially offensive names. Dispute this @ nvts.online/appeal
Rule #6: No recruiting or advertising for anything. Dispute this @ nvts.online/appeal
Rule #7: No profanity or offensive language. Dispute this @ nvts.online/appeal
Rule #8: Camping is allowed, spawn camping is not encouraged but is allowed.
Rule #9: No fast fire scripts or scroll wheeling is allowed. Dispute this @ nvts.online/appeal
Rule #10 No cursing or foul language, players of all ages are in our servers. Dispute this @ nvts.online/appeal

Rule #11; No wall spamming or dumping LMG magazines into walls/areas.

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Author of the topic Posted
hi, I understand what you mean by not shooting at the wall, 
the other stop shooting and just move, because the other users wherever I am, 
whether covered with smoke or behind a wall, they kill me anyway. oh all the grenades just fall to kill laguin. 
I mean they were making mistakes. I just got discouraged and found the abuse to be too much. 
all I wanted was for the game to end because there was no point in fighting if it was almost impossible to kill them. 
I think my punishment is unfair.

That's why I request to lift it or minimize it to fewer days.

Thanks a lot

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