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Hello guys!

I've been playing on nVts for a couple of weeks now and I noticed weird and intresting thing.
Which is called AGM 

I heard a lot of different opinions about that killstreak, but mostly people were saying that it's too op because you need only 6 kills.
 I spend around 3/4 of round talking about current state of AGM and a lot of people demands it's rework/nerf/deletion.
I created this topic because i was thinking about your opinion guys so feel free to comment!

My opinion about AGM

Personally I think that AGM should not get deleted at all maybe just changed a little bit, why?
You are on really good and high killstreak you are about to get nuke and boom, you are getting killed by guy that just killed 6 people, amazing right?
It's not really a big deal at all to kill 6 people.
But on the other hand it is fun indeed to wipe out ~10 enemies by using some rocket from the sky.

Like I said, it is only MY OPINION so it can be different than yours and this is why i want you to comment ! 😎

If you can't understand something then I am really sorry but english is not my native language or second language and i had to learn it mostly by myself

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Honestly? I would like to see AGM higher in ks hierarchy maybe atleast 2 digit ks? 
I would also like to see it's does not go through almost every single wall. 
speaking of going through the wall, AGM bugs a little bit and goes under the map and insta kills you 😞

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Higher kill streak is an easy fix and I can look into that today. With the AGM going through buildings we can’t do much about that since it’s the map it’s self. 

I could however look at adjusting the damage it deals and maybe the explosive range. 

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