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Rust | Server Rules & Information

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Last Updated: 5/10/2022


Server Rules:

  1. No VAC or Steam Game Bans within 90 days.
  2. No Rust Game Bans within 180 days.
  3. No more than 1 Rust Game Ban.
  4. No more than 2 bans total, including VAC Bans.
  5. No cheating or hacking of any kind.
  6. No advertisements or spam.
  7. No racism, homophobia, doxxing, or anything else extremely distasteful.
  8. Use common sense, Admins have the final say.

Group Limit Rules:

  1. Respect the server group limit:
    • Quad Server - 4 per Group/TC/In Base
    • Just ensure that codes are changed, bags are chopped, and TCs are cleared.
  2. Groups are allowed a limited number of team member swaps per wipe:
    • Quad Server - 3 Member Swaps
      • To bring a player back into the team, this requires you to have a remaining swap. Once you are out of swaps, our automated system will alert admins.
    • To swap a team member, simply chop their bags (internal and external) and clear tool cupboard(s).
  3. Neutrality is allowed, alliances/teaming/merging are not. You may not roam or raid with another group.
  4. No helping in any way outside of the team limit.
  5. If in doubt, ask an admin. Admins have final say.

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