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    Hello all, My in-game name is Triplcore, it is very nice to meet everyone here, and I am glad to have gotten to know you all in this clan. I started playing COD4 back when I was 16 years old, the game was bought by my older brother (who had passed away a few years ago), Anyhow, I took several long breaks, and now here I am... I am 25 years old right now, my birthday is on April 24. Once again, thanks to the clan and the community to have fun whilst being positive!
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    They see me rolling, they not hatin. Law abiding citizen reporting in.
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    No plans this afternoon? That's okay Nova Veterans has you covered. Come join us for some paintball this afternoon over in Call of Duty 4 Server IP: Hang out with us during the event at: nvts.online/discord
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    We currently have openings on the Events team for some new coordinators! You will help plan and hosting various event for the Nova Veterans Community! We would love someone who can bring new game and ideas to the schedule. Does this interest you? If yes then head on over to the Staff Applications Section to Apply! If you have any questions feel free to send me a message on discord @Blue-nVts-
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    Higher kill streak is an easy fix and I can look into that today. With the AGM going through buildings we can’t do much about that since it’s the map it’s self. I could however look at adjusting the damage it deals and maybe the explosive range.
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    Version 21.1


    This update of cod4x is required to play on our servers. The auto update function is broken so you will need to update manually. 1. Download the file and extract 2. Copy cod4-client-manualinstall_21.1 to your game directory 3. Run install.cmd from inside cod4-client-manualinstall_21.1 4. Rejoin nVts servers
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    Im just going to accept this lol. +1
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    In-Game Name: neonx Age: 32 Why do you want to join NovaVeterans: I run your minecraft server. How often do you play: When my children let me. What is your time zone / Location: EST/ONTARIO How did you hear or find out about us: affiliated with proximity for 12+ years Where you ever banned or warned on NVTS servers: no Do you have a microphone: yes What skills or traits could you bring to the clan: I already manage the NVTS minecraft. Do you wish to be in Discord, and wearing tags at all times while in game: Sure why not. Additional Information:
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    Rules: -No cheating! -No racism or prejudicial behavior. -Occasional swearing is allowed but no abuse or offensive behavior towards other players. -No spamming the voice chat, or text chat. -No advertising for your sites, clans, servers, or really anything else. -No trying to make the server lag or crash. Controls: F1 = Help F2 = Change Teams Gameplay: -In the game, there are two teams (Red and Blue). -Each team spawns on a pirate ship matching their team color. -The objective is to destroy the opposing team's pirate ship. -You can damage the enemy team's ship by shooting it with the ship's cannons or by breaking into the enemy powder room and destroying their powder container. -If you break the mainmast, the ship's speed reduces. -One of the ships will sink as they take damage and eventually becomes disabled and then sink. Still lost? Check out our discord @ nvts.online/discord Proximity77-nVts- and Soldier-nVts- are active staff members.
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    Welcome to all the FNGs!
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    Yes. Always friendly and in discord while in game. +1
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    A Yes from me.... Spent some time on Discord with her, a pleasant persona and can certainly hold her own in the Game......
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    https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/hungergames.65942/ Thoughts? Run an event and spin up a HG map for a few hours / event. It's pretty fun if we had enough people. We keep the map radius smal
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    You come from the birthplace of Mr. Lenin, thats pretty cool history. +1
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    Very wholesome player to everyone and always is on the server playing. I think they could definitely help moderate our servers when most us are unavailable. I vote yes
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    I vote yes for her to join the clan.
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    Aquarians are good people. Nice one Tony
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    The time has come, many have requested it! Come get your swag. I made the prices low as possible, nvts will only make about $2 per item. That money made goes towards the servers each month that costs us about $200 USD. Here is the quality of one of the sweaters I tested out and purchased: Go get your goodies!! https://novaveterans-store.creator-spring.com/
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    I'm going to close this. This application was posted almost a week ago, still no sign of him joining discord yet. Feel free to reapply once you come in discord more.
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    B3 Related: Disabled specific locations, only allow country's. Disabled warnings/kicks for commonly used cuss words that aren't too aggressive Enabled the !greeting commands for staff. Renamed the !report command for linking to the player reports on the site to !reports so it doesn't interfere with the discord reporting system. Disabled the B3 adverts for !fps and !fov on the Paintball and Freeze Tag server until I set that up properly. Server Related: Turned the strat time for the SND server down to 10 seconds instead of 15. Put a few spam messages in the kill feed section to explain how to play the Paintball server. Disabled binoculars for Paintball, kind of useless and confused people when they didn't have a gun in their hands. Turned on killcam for the Paintball server. Added 8 bots in total for the SND server. If you guys want to see what we are up to you can see our todo list and more! https://trello.com/b/Zk2CDPds/nova-veterans-gaming
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    You can enter commands by pressing ‘~’ while in-game. A small bar will appear at the top of your screen in which you can enter the following commands. If the console does not display when pressing ‘~’, it needs to be enabled (Main Menu ⇒ Options ⇒ Game Options… ⇒ Enable Console must say ‘Yes’). P.s. For a larger console window (necessary for /status for example) you need to press ‘Shift + ~’. It is very likely that you are not playing at the same location (IP address) as your server is. That’s why we use RCON (stands for remote control) commands. Using RCON is very easy, just add /rcon in front of the commands above (removing the / of those commands). But you need to be logged in to use RCON. Examples of RCON commands: /rcon map mp_pipeline /rcon status /rcon banclient 5 Rcon Commands & Meanings /rcon login [password] - Fill out the password of the server to use RCON commands. /serverinfo - Shows the server settings and configurations. /map [map name] - Loads the given map. /map_rotate - Loads the next map of the map rotation set in the 'sv_maprotation' file on your server. /map_restart - Restarts the current map. /fast_restart - Restarts the current map just like /map_restart but much faster. It will just restart the map and not reload it. /status - Shows information about the connected players, including client ID, score, ping, GUID, name and IP address. The ID and name can be used for the following commands. /tell [player ID] - Displays a message to a specific player by ID (given by the /status command). /clientkick [player ID] - Kicks a player according to its ID (given by the /status command). /kick [player name] - Same as the /clientkick command, but this command requires the player's name. However, some names are very difficult to enter (with colour codes etc.), thats why the /clientkick commands is easier in use. You can use all as player name, this will kick all players from the server. /onlykick [player name] - Same as /kick as far as I know. /banClient [player ID] - Bans a player according to its ID (given by the /status command). The player's GUID will be added to ban.txt. /banUser [player name] - Same as /banclient, but this command requires the player's name. It is therefore advised to use the /banclient command (names can be long or contain colour codes). /tempBanClient [player ID] - Temporary bans a player using the player's ID (given by the /status command). The length of a temporary ban can be changed in the server configuration file. /tempBanUser [player name] - Temporary bans a player using the player's name. /unbanUser [player name] - Unbans a user according to the player's name. If the player's name appears more than once in ban.txt, you can edit the file and remove the banned player manually. /dumpuser [player name] - Shows information about the player. /killserver - As the name says: shuts your server down. /serverstatus - Shows information about the server settings and a quick list of online players. /serverinfo - Shows some information about IW settings on your server. /systeminfo - Shows a list of the settings your server has. /clientinfo - Shows information about your client. /showip - Shows your IP address. /cmdlist - Shows a complete list of commands available. Sometimes RCON tools are also quite useful, if you're stuck and cant figure out the console commands... Download one of these tools https://www.novaveterans.org/index.php?/files/category/4-cod4-tools/ BAN DURATIONS: s= second i.e.: 45s m= minute i.e.: 5m h= hour i.e.: 1h d= day i.e.: 7d w= week i.e.: 4w
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    Changelogs - March 26th, 2022 Reworked Head Administrator permissions to have global forum moderation permissions. Began development of theme "NVTS v2.0".
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    Changelogs - March 18th, 2022 Cleaned up and stylized the forum topics user sidebar. Moved "Updates" forum to be listed directly under the "Community HQ" category. Renamed to "Changelogs". Removed all game specific Head Admin roles. Created Head Administrator group and assigned the respective permissions.
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    Welcome aboard friends!!
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    +1 It'll be interesting to have some of the younger crowd coming around. From my few interactions with him, Sven seems like he's fairly laid back. Good luck.
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    In-Game Name: a Flying Brick Age: 39 Why do you want to join NovaVeterans: I enjoy playing the servers and the people at nVts. How often do you play: Couple times a day, maybe more. What is your time zone / Location: CST How did you hear or find out about us: Found you via COD4x servers. Where you ever banned or warned on NVTS servers: No Do you have a microphone: Yes What skills or traits could you bring to the clan: Friendly person, welcoming. Do you wish to be in Discord, and wearing tags at all times while in game: yes. Additional Information: I am female and aside from gaming I enjoy music and movies. Big scifi fan. Love animals. Love Football and sports in general.
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    Damn dude, looks like you're enjoying 420 lol
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    Not as OG as everyone else here but still grew up with a game I play even 15+ years later (Gmod) (I do need a haircut but the camera angle makes my hair look larger than it is)
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    Another Night Out Lol....
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    For staff to care about your post you will need to care about us. Do us the favor and copy and paste that simple template below into your own topic. Fill it out 100% or the post will be scraped. Thanks! See you in your post! To see previous offenses of players go to: https://nvts.online/cod4bans Code: What is your name in-game: What server did this occur on: Why did you get banned: What is your game GUID or SteamID: Why should your ban be lifted: Additional Information:

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