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  1. Accepted, hopefully you will have your mic setup soon and hanging with us more in voice chat.
  2. We see you around all the time, super active good player to have. Hopefully you will get that mic setup, +1
  3. Yes from me. Great skill and always in discord!
  4. Introduction Despite this game reaching the 15 year mark this year, there's still a lot of people that seem to be too incompetent to figure out the better half of the weapon roster, therefor I have made this guide. This is NOT a list of the absolute best set-ups but rather the better classes for each weapon category. These classes are not meant to be copied one-to-one but should rather be an inspiration, because obviously you will have a different play style then me. If you have any suggestions for classes or notice any errors whether it be grammar wise or content wise just comment down below and I'll fix it as fast as I can. M16A4 The first Class will use the infamous M16A4, arguably the best gun in the entire game due to its one burst kill potential through Stopping Power. Attachments wise the Red Dot Sight is used to get the highest accuracy for medium to long range targets. Alternatively an ACOG can be used, however it will often be overkill especially on the medium to small sized maps. The Suppressor is also not recommendable due to the drop off in damage which increases the shots to kill, therefor your time to kill. Deep Impact may be swapped out for Dead Silence, but this is more personal preference and depends on the game mode and map. AK-47 The second class builds on the AK-47. The strengths in this class is the extremely high damage base damage which is even more increased with Stopping Power. The recoil compared to other Assault Riffles though is very high, so it is recommended to limit yourself to shorter bursts. The reason for not using any attachments with this gun is, that the Red Dot Sight is bugged on this weapon and will decrease the damage and bump up the shots to kill by one. The Suppressor and ACOG are bug free, however both of them have more downsides than upsides and therefor the gun is used in the vanilla state, this however does not decrease the effectiveness since the iron sights are perfectly fine even for longer ranges. M4 Carbine Next up we have the younger brother of the M16A4 the M4 Carbine. Unlike its counterpart the M4 Carbine is full auto with a relatively high fire rate and lower damage with almost no recoil giving it somewhat similar characteristics to the ACR from Modern Warfare 2. The attachment used is the Red Dot Sight to maximize the accuracy and make it a laser beam. The ACOG can be used for longer ranges, however the drop off is pretty significant so its best to stick to the Red Dot Sight for Medium Ranges, which you will most likely win in with the M4 Carbine. G3 Probably one of the most Underrated guns in the entire game, the G3 is a semi automatic assault rifle with an extremely high damage profile a slower rate of fire and very good accuracy which makes it somewhat similar to the FAL OSW from Black Ops 2. With Stopping Power the G3 is capable of one-shot-kills at close to medium ranges and two-shot-kills at longer ranges. It can also be used with a Suppressor for Close range maps however the use of a Suppressor is generally not recommended outside of a few close range maps. The ACOG can be used for more defensive play styles on maps with vantage points, however the Red Dot Sight has a lot better speed and handling to it. MP5 The MP5 is without a doubt one of the better SMGs in this game. It has very respectable damage paired with a good fire rate and very little recoil and of course great mobility. The MP5 can be played in two distinct ways, being the more stealthy approach and the more "accurate" approach both of which have their pros and cons. The stealthy approach as shown in the screenshot uses a Suppressor and Dead Silence making you both not appear on the mini-map and making your footsteps not audible by other players, for this approach though you will have to stick to close ranges due to the lack of range when using an SMG with the Suppressor. The more "accurate" approach switches both the attachment and perk 3 slot to a Red Dot Sight as the iron sights can be somewhat hard to use and Deep Impact. Both are totally viable and depend solely on your play style. AK-74U The AK-74U is comparable to the MP5 the only real differences are the base damage and the recoil, which is a lot higher with the 74U. The gun outshines the MP5 in raw damage but the extra recoil makes it hard to use even at medium range. Therefor the use of a Suppressor as it does not effect your actual range as it stays at close quarters. The iron sights are also relatively easy to use making a Red Dot Sight somewhat overkill. This class will also again use Dead Silence as you will almost always find yourself in close proximity to an enemy. M40A3 Probably the second most popular Sniper Rifle in Call of Duty after the Intervention from Modern Warfare 2. This gun is what kickstarted the whole MLG/Montage Trickshotting scene due to the mobility and speed the M40A3 had. The only attachment it has is the ACOG which is also bugged and this time increases the base damage. Combining this with Stopping Power gives you a very consistent one shot kill to the upper torso and head. The only downside to the other very popular Barrett 50 cal. is reload speed, which is quite high, due to it not being magazine fed. Barrett 50 Cal. The Barrett 50 cal. also known as the M82 Anti Material Rifle in real life, is basically the stronger more clunky but more spammy brother of the M40A3. With this gun you will be able to almost always get one-shot-kills even hitting the lower torso. It is is also as mentioned very spamable as it does not have a proper fire rate cap, although this is not quite as useful to the enormous recoil when fired and the pretty long time it takes to center back. In conclusion the Barrett 50 cal. is best used for the conventional sniper role and is not very good at quick scoping although possible it is harder. The ACOG can be completely removed for very long range maps however I like keeping it on to not get motion sickness from the proper Sniper Scope. RPD The RPD in my opinion the only viable LMG is a high damage high fire rate gun with decent accuracy and mobility. It is ideal for objective based game modes, especially Domination to hold down a sight line to protect an objective. Deep Impact is very important for this class as it will help you a lot with getting people who camp on objectives. In certain Scenarios it can be very beneficial to swap out Stopping Power for UAV Jammer as to stay undetected when camping on an objective. Attachment wise the Grip is your best bet as it makes the recoil quite manageable and the iron sights are quite good so there's no real need for an extra sight. Full credit to: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2475558018
  5. How many times you tried to join and then it directs you to another server and in this case called "AR51". And then you tried to try to join another server and you ended up getting redirected to AR51 again. Each time, the server makes you download a mod called "redirect_mod" Which is the source of this problem. All of us tried to remove it from the mods , unallowed auto downloading and still ended up with the mod getting downloaded. Do you know why all of this is happening? Well you see , 99% of the servers in the Cod 4 MP server browser are FAKE with redirected_mod installed to make you go to their server "AR51". I personally don't know why would someone ruin the server browser just to populate a server. The Fix 1- Start Call of Duty 4 Multiplayer from Steam 2- Go to options > Game Options > Enable Console > Yes 3- minimize your game and open your Web Browser. (optional) 3b- Don't minimize your game , instead press Shift + Tab and open Steam Browser. 4- Go to http://store.steampowered.com 5- Click on Servers 6- Go to playing and select "Call of Duty 4" 7- Press Go 8- A list of Cod 4 servers will appear , Copy the IP of the server that you want to join and also make sure that you have the same map as the server because some servers use Custom maps etc. And that the server is not full. 9- Go back to your game (Cod 4 Multiplayer) and start the console by pressing ~ (The button that is above Tab and below Esc) 10- Press Backspace while in the console to make sure that nothing is written in there 11- Type Connect "Server IP" and press enter. Example :- Connect 12- You'll join the server. Full credits to: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=328387343
  6. LAPTOP 1 OF 30 Found in Crew Expendable. Check the bunkroom from where the drunk Russian comes out from. The laptop is to your left when you enter the room. LAPTOP 2 OF 30 Found in Crew Expendable. When the team lines up to assault the first cargo hold, you need to note that the stage's second secret will be in the cargo hold. Enter the hold and descend the first set of stairs; the laptop will be out in the open and to your left. LAPTOP 3 OF 30 Found in Black Out. At the start of the mission, there is a shack to your left housing two terrorists. Head over there and Final Solution the place. The laptop is inside the shack. LAPTOP 4 OF 30 Found in Black Out. After rappelling to the informant's building, enter and locate the second floor. The bathroom on the building's second level holds your secret. LAPTOP 5 OF 30 Found in Charlie Don't Surf. The building you suspect where Al-Asad is has a weapons filled basement. Locate a corner room and investigate it for the hidden laptop. LAPTOP 6 OF 30 Found in Charlie Don't Surf. Take a look at your mini-map. Place the TV station marker on your map north. With the main boulevard to your left, head south (use your main HUD's compass) and locate the sniper ridden building seen in the image below and right. The house's insides are blue. Check the second level for the laptop. LAPTOP 7 OF 30 Found in Charlie Don't Surf. The house with the secret will be by a large pile of wrecked cars. Locate the stairs on the side of the building and head upstairs. The laptop will be on the rooftop. Be sure to grab some sniper rifles if you need the weapon. LAPTOP 8 OF 30 Found in The Bog. The second level of the apartment has a secret room friendly soldiers will breach into. Inside, you should find the laptop. Again, look for the silhouette of the sickle and AK-47. LAPTOP 9 OF 30 Found in The Bog. The marketplace has a secret laptop. Locate the refrigerator and look at it as if you were going to open it. Turn around 180 degrees and walk straight to a wall. The laptop is behind a stack of boxes. LAPTOP 10 OF 30 Found in The Hunted. After escaping the house where the Russian chopper troops flashbang and ambush the team, you come across a peaceful back area with farm houses all around. Locate the house with the soda machine, enter it and claim the secret. If you meet attack dogs, you went too far ahead. LAPTOP 11 OF 30 Found in The Hunted. Upon leaving the second greenhouse, follow the building on the left to an area covered by a sheet metal roof. The laptop is in that area. LAPTOP 12 AND 13 OF 30 Found in War Pig. After the tank crushes the car and stops so RPG soldiers can nuke it, there is a right turn at the end of the street. Investigate the second floor of the house on the corner (right side) for one laptop and the second floor of the house on the corner (left side) for the second laptop. Since enemies come from these buildings, you have little choice but to go through these two buildings and clean the nests out. LAPTOP 14 OF 30 Found in War Pig. A building with some machinegun nests will be guarding an alley-ful of cars. Investigate the second story of that building for the intel. LAPTOP 15 OF 30 Found in Shock and Awe. Second story of the building where the stranded platoon is holed up. Check the corners before jumping down. LAPTOP 16 OF 30 Found in Shock an Awe. Once you have rescued the platoon, eyeball the building with the machinegun nest right in front. Wander over there, head to the second floor and kill everyone so you can search the premises' second story for the secret. LAPTOP 17 OF 30 Found in Safehouse. The first residence you usually see will be the one just next to the village church. It has a satellite dish (the better to TiVo mass executions) on the back. Head in, waste everyone, and search the second floor for the laptop. LAPTOP 18 OF 30 Found in Look for a restaurant-hostel kind of residence near the water tower (or burning farm -- you pick) and check each of the eating booths in the hostel's first floor. Try and remember this building -- it will save your life in a later stage. LAPTOP 19 OF 30 Found in All Ghillied Up. When you head into the church, locate the ladder to the bell tower. The laptop is at the very top. Be sure to grab it before the chopper sees you and blows the tower up with missiles. Alternately, you can wait until the chopper passes through, then go back and get it. LAPTOP 20 OF 30 Found in All Ghillied Up. The three guards near the laptop are the ones who can alert the others. Going through the open container is not a good idea (brightly lit, no cover). Instead, go to the container's left and snipe the enemy sitting down by the table made of drums. When he drops, gauge the enemy reaction (hence why you pick up the P90 earlier) and snipe or aggressively attack the rest of the enemies to secure the place. The laptop is on the table made of drums. Note -- you can rush in and take the laptop, die, and restart without having to do it again, since the secret saves to your gaming profile or gamer tag. LAPTOP 21 OF 30 Found in All Ghillied Up. After crawling under the trucks, take your M21 rifle and down the sniper atop the external stairs. Your route goes through the second floor, but the secret is in a small room at the very top of the fire escape. LAPTOP 22 OF 30 Found in One Shot One Kill. After escaping the building where the NPC ally says, "Let's try to lose them in there," you will locate the fire escape on that dwelling. Since the timer is still counting down, you need to quickly drop your baggage, hustle up the fire escape and claim the secret before you or the timer expires. The similarity of this fire escape and the one in the previous stage is remarkable, but they are different. LAPTOP 23 OF 30 Found in One Shot One Kill. This secret is only accessible during the final fight with the Russians at Pripyat. With the ferris wheel behind you, you will face compass East at a crappy looking Russian apartment. Approach it and look for a hole in the fence (bottom right image). Notice a closed door to another crappy Russian dwelling to the compass' Southeast. Past that door is the laptop. The door can be opened by walking further down the map to another of these doors. This is where the enemy soldiers usually spawn. To keep the game realistic, they will not spawn there when you are looking and will therefore spawn somewhere else, which is at the intel's location. This will open the door to let the enemy soldiers enter the battlefield. If getting this secret is too hard, consider using the easiest difficulty level (via Mission Select) to weather the enemy fire. Don't forget that you cannot use the cheats until you beat the game anyway. LAPTOP 24 OF 30 Found in Sins of the Father. This secret is hard to get only if you aren't quick. Once you start the firefight at the restaurant, head into the diner and turn left. The laptop is on one of the tables. Note you may not have time to grab this after changing uniforms (when everyone dies). LAPTOP 25 OF 30 Found in Sins of the Father. After taking the "alley to the left", you come across a green car and a red dumpster. Take a right when you see those objects and down the Russians around the next corner. See the stairs leading up into the building? Head in, introduce the Russkies inside to Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson, then take the laptop and continue your pursuit of your quarry. LAPTOP 26 OF 30 Found in Ultimatum. As soon as you breach the abandoned Russian base, there is a motor pool building where enemies pour out from -- it is across the courtyard. If you get to the point where RPG soldiers fire from the ground floor (and not just the rooftops), you went too far ahead. Head into that building and search it for the secret (bottom right image - it's the small room in the back). LAPTOP 27 OF 30 Found in Ultimatum. After blasting the first BMP but before going past the silo's gates, there are some buildings with RPG snipers on the right. Check behind the building closest to the silo for the laptop. LAPTOP 28 OF 30 Found in Ultimatum. Locate the three immobile missile tanks in the back of the silo base. Look for the southern most missile tank. Next to it, there is a large hangar. Check that hangar for the laptop. LAPTOP 29 OF 30 Found in No Fighting in the War Room. Drop into the bathroom, exit the hygiene facilities and turn left. Follow the hallway and mark your trail with dead bodies. As you wander deeper into the base, there should be a small meeting room on your left with the laptop. If you took the stairs going down, you went too far ahead. LAPTOP 30 OF 30 Found in No Fighting in the War Room. Once in the launch control room, you can abort the launch first or grab the laptop. There's a small room in the control room with the laptop sitting on the table. Credits to https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=328501606
  7. Nice app, certainly will have to come in discord more often before we approve of this.
  8. The time has come, many have requested it! Come get your swag. I made the prices low as possible, nvts will only make about $2 per item. That money made goes towards the servers each month that costs us about $200 USD. Here is the quality of one of the sweaters I tested out and purchased: Go get your goodies!! https://novaveterans-store.creator-spring.com/
  9. Higher kill streak is an easy fix and I can look into that today. With the AGM going through buildings we can’t do much about that since it’s the map it’s self. I could however look at adjusting the damage it deals and maybe the explosive range.
  10. You said you wanted it changed, but how and in what way?
  11. You need to meet these requirements first: Requirements for G-Sync G-Sync Monitor list: https://www.nvidia.com/en-au/geforce/products/g-sync-monitors/specs/ You need to force CoD4 to run in full screen mode (ideally borderless). If your monitor runs at a refresh rate below your input FPS: You need to lock your games framerate to a value just below the maximum refresh rate of your monitor. E.g. if your game runs at around 150-180FPS, and you own a 144Hz monitor, you need to lock it down to say 135-141Hz (140). Use the Program Settings in Nvidia Control Panel to do this or as a console command: /com_maxfps "x" where x can be any value from 1 to 2147483647 (the game's physics start to break at 250+ FPS). Bonus: 2147483647 is the eighth Mersenne prime If your monitor can run close to your input FPS: E.g. your input FPS is between 150-180FPS, and your monitor can run at 200Hz, then you just need to enable G-Sync in your N Control Panel for your monitor.
  12. Certainly something we can look into.
  13. I'm going to close this. This application was posted almost a week ago, still no sign of him joining discord yet. Feel free to reapply once you come in discord more.
  14. Welcome to the accused hacker gang. You should hop on discord more before I give you my vote. You’re a pretty good player, watched you a few times and you’re pretty active.
  15. 14 downloads

  16. Want to remove the blue ring when you shoot when you are using Fulbright (!fps Command) You can install this skin file HERE Rename iw_00 to localized_english_aa (you can use this program to rename for you https://www.novaveterans.org/index.php?/files/file/18-iwd-renamer/ Repeat step 1 for iw_01-iw_06 by adding letter to aa, so aab, aac, aad, aae, aaf, aag. Copy and paste localized_english_aag to same location, rename to localized_english_aw07 Open localized_english_aw07, you will need winrar/7zip to open. Delete everything in localized_english_aw07 Create images folder in localized_english_aw07, place distortion_ring.iwi file in the images folder. Play cod4 and nosc, blue ring should be gone.
  17. Version 19.0


    CoD4x 19.0 patch
  18. 3 downloads

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    IWD Renamer
  20. New update released for CoD4x, quote from the main CoD4x site: Download and Install this 21.1 Patch to view and browse the master servers.
  21. B3 Related: Disabled specific locations, only allow country's. Disabled warnings/kicks for commonly used cuss words that aren't too aggressive Enabled the !greeting commands for staff. Renamed the !report command for linking to the player reports on the site to !reports so it doesn't interfere with the discord reporting system. Disabled the B3 adverts for !fps and !fov on the Paintball and Freeze Tag server until I set that up properly. Server Related: Turned the strat time for the SND server down to 10 seconds instead of 15. Put a few spam messages in the kill feed section to explain how to play the Paintball server. Disabled binoculars for Paintball, kind of useless and confused people when they didn't have a gun in their hands. Turned on killcam for the Paintball server. Added 8 bots in total for the SND server. If you guys want to see what we are up to you can see our todo list and more! https://trello.com/b/Zk2CDPds/nova-veterans-gaming
  22. Servers with slots changed to 64: All Maps NA All Maps UK Crossfire UK Crossfire NA B3 Changes Updated all the old IP's that should have been changed forever ago. Re worded a few of the rules / ads that were posted in game. Updated the help / descriptions for most of the commands. Added a load of more commands that are helpful for us to link servers / socials. Added some b3 spam for our weekly events. Updated the SnD and Paintball server to have the same b3 stuff as the other servers. I will post soon with a more "updated" list of b3 commands. If you guys want to see what we are up to you can see our todo list and more! https://trello.com/b/Zk2CDPds/nova-veterans-gaming

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