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  1. As others have said, super active both in-game and in discord. Great person to have around. +1.
  2. Last Updated: 5/10/2022 Server Rules: No VAC or Steam Game Bans within 90 days. No Rust Game Bans within 180 days. No more than 1 Rust Game Ban. No more than 2 bans total, including VAC Bans. No cheating or hacking of any kind. No advertisements or spam. No racism, homophobia, doxxing, or anything else extremely distasteful. Use common sense, Admins have the final say. Group Limit Rules: Respect the server group limit: Quad Server - 4 per Group/TC/In Base Just ensure that codes are changed, bags are chopped, and TCs are cleared. Groups are allowed a limited number of team member swaps per wipe: Quad Server - 3 Member Swaps To bring a player back into the team, this requires you to have a remaining swap. Once you are out of swaps, our automated system will alert admins. To swap a team member, simply chop their bags (internal and external) and clear tool cupboard(s). Neutrality is allowed, alliances/teaming/merging are not. You may not roam or raid with another group. No helping in any way outside of the team limit. If in doubt, ask an admin. Admins have final say.
  3. Initial server release! Gameplay Changes Re-balanced loot tables. Many improves and rate buffs. Doubled resource stack size limit. i.e: Stones stack to 2000. Added DiscordServerStats to #rust-server-info. Added recyclers to all oil rigs, fishing villages, and ranches. Added drone stations to all fishing villages and ranches. Merged bandit camp and outpost.
  4. Locked this. Thanks for the update.
  5. Changelogs - March 26th, 2022 Reworked Head Administrator permissions to have global forum moderation permissions. Began development of theme "NVTS v2.0".
  6. Welcome to all the FNGs!
  7. +1 It'll be interesting to have some of the younger crowd coming around. From my few interactions with him, Sven seems like he's fairly laid back. Good luck.
  8. Ven


    Hi Tetano. Unfortunately, we are an English only community. None of us know how to speak Italian (?) Either way welcome to the forums and community.
  9. Changelogs - March 18th, 2022 Cleaned up and stylized the forum topics user sidebar. Moved "Updates" forum to be listed directly under the "Community HQ" category. Renamed to "Changelogs". Removed all game specific Head Admin roles. Created Head Administrator group and assigned the respective permissions.
  10. The only concern I have on that is if we are standing in spawn with the spawn protection pre-aiming at people.
  11. The spawn protection system was added to prevent spawn killing, not to delay spawns in general. Adding a delay wouldn't do anything other than slow the game down. Honestly, I personally hate the spawn protection system due to the weapon delay. By the time my gun is ready to shoot, I'm already dead due to the animation time taking longer than the timer itself. If I was to spawn normally, I could shoot sooner than with this system. Would highly agree with either removing or changing the spawn system. Although I don't see a us changing it anytime soon due to the massive amount of +1's that adding it had gotten.
  12. Never got to say it, but welcome to the clan!
  13. Welcome to the new site and forum everyone! We have made huge progress over the past couple of weeks to establish a platform for all community members, staff, and players to congregate and interact. Our goals for this website are not just a hub for ban appeals, applications and reports, but to also establish a social hub for all of our players and members to communicate and grow together. We hope to see all of you learn this new system and help us expand our playerbase through it! I'm sure that our event team is more than excited to give you all a steady stream of things to do and to stay connected. If you have any questions on how things work, feel free to ask! We'll see you all in-game! - Ven -nVts- View full record
  14. Hey everyone new and old! I've been in the clan for going on about 3 months now. I dipped for a little while due to work and came back to see a lot of newer faces. For those of you who don't know me, I'm 27 and work in IT. I was a former FF member from before the big buyout that changed things, however always wanted to come back to the Cod4 scene. If you want to catch me in-game, I can usually be found on All Maps NA or Bolts Only (please help get it populated lol).

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NoVa Veterans is an on-line PC gaming community that thrives on camaraderie and friendship and welcomes all gamers that are associated or indeed any who play PC and video games from all over the World.

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