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  1. Cant find any gyms on map near you but loads of pubs Thanks, i will be around, off for a week tomorrow to Cro.
  2. Aaahhh right, at first I was like WTF, two Matts now
  3. Ive always been around, keeping an eye on you all. Whats with MattA, what happened with MattB?
  4. No I haven't, might do in future, looks fun!
  5. Hi guys, Im Tommy (TommyGunn-nVts-), nearly 31. I've been a Veteran since very beginning. I was back then addicted to BF2 hence I was an BF2 Leader. Ive also been playing DF:BHD with some of the really old gits now eldery ATM Im into DayZ Standalone & World of Warships. Also been playing Squad, Post Scriptum, Hell Let loose, Arma's II & III, League of Legends etc. I hope I do find some time to join you on CoD as it seems most of you are from there. Its also very nice to see NoVaVets coming back to life and I hope we go strong like we once was. Hope you meet some more of us old members and get the real Veteran deal! PS: don't trust Gladiator when he says hes at the gym, because that means he is in pub!

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