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  1. JayJay

    The Hunger Games

    I would totally be down. These used to be the only servers I liked. Glad their still around
  2. Very active in the servers and in the discord text chat rooms. It’s a yes from me but I am curious to see what you voice sounds like! Join a voice channel when you get your new mic.
  3. Thank you for your interest in joining NVTS. We welcome players of all ages. But we do require players to be active in voice on discord while playing in the servers. Skill level doesn’t matter either. We’re all here for fun. We will vote as a clan and get back to you as soon as possible.
  4. i know some other servers have a "add to favorites" button when you click escape, could that be something we can add?
  5. i vote yes, very active player, very good player also
  6. Great player. Just like mentioned above. Need more discord.

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