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    Thank you for taking your time to appeal this ban. B3 has permanently banned you from our servers for being racist, you already have 2 warnings anyway for swearing, since you took the time to fill out an appeal i will change your perm ban to a 2 day temp ban and give you time to cool off, but this is your last chance, behave yourself, or you wont be able to continue to play on the #1 ranked server for cod 4. @ThatOneGuysMilk-nVts- @G4b1tz-nVts- lock this thread please
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    B3 Related Chat logs are enabled now for all servers. Working on adding this to echelon so we can see this easier. For now just message me or @MattA-nVts- if you need to see them. Scrapped our recent rule 11 with the LMG spam, deal with it. People will spray walls and camp. This is just for now until we find a better more efficient way of dealing with this. Cleaned up our B3 adverts in game, less spam kinda. Added an advert in game for Spec Keys and Emblems. Adjusted the rules for our servers a bit more, cleaned it up and made them more refined. Rule #1: No racism of any kind or disrespect to any players or server staff. Rule #2: Problem with a player? Use !report <name> <reason> or directly to our discord @ nvts.online/discord Rule #3: This is an English speaking server. Keep long conversations in English or you risk getting warned. Rule #4: No game exploit abusing (elevators, glitches etc.) Rule #5: No offensive or NSFW names. Rule #6: No recruiting or advertising of any kind. Rule #7: No profanity or offensive language will be tolerated. Rule #8: Camping and spawn camping are not encouraged but are allowed. Rule #9: No fast fire scripts or scroll wheeling is allowed. Server Related Added more bot names, in total we have 1015 bot names that are random each round. Enabled the Emblems, type !emblem <text> to have some funny text or whatever to the right of your kill cam. Enabled spec keys, type !speckeys to see whoever your spectating keys... I.E whatever key they are pressing to move on their keyboard. Doing Adding promod servers likely tomorrow or sometime EARLY this week. Get B3 working properly on our custom maps, and paintball server. If you guys want to see what we are up to you can see our todo list and more! https://trello.com/b/Zk2CDPds/nova-veterans-gaming
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    Okay, you guys asked for it so you get it. We scrapped the Search and Destroy server and renamed it to "Hardcore Experience" this server has the following done to it. No bhoping - Literally you cannot jump. Basic kill streaks with higher streak UAV = 3 AGM = 8 Airstrikes = 12 Helicopters = 20 Sniper sway is on. Players run and walk at normal speeds unlike our other servers. Cant have two helicopters at the same time. Kill cam is turned on. RPG, Grenade launchers, Jugg, Last stand, and martyrdom all disabled. All maps on rotation. Gametype is a vote between TDM and DM. Bots are ever so slightly better. For some reason I cannot find a way for bots to not use RPGS, C4's or tubes... Working on that lol. Anyway, enjoy! IP ADDRESS: This server was done up for a more "Slower" experience that I have honestly had a lot of requests about lately. Let me know if there's anything you may want changed about it. If you guys want to see what we are up to you can see our todo list and more! https://trello.com/b/Zk2CDPds/nova-veterans-gaming
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    Swapped out bolts server to a 24/7 shipment ffa server. Extremely high xp for noobs. Basically a lvl 55 server. Get 20 kills and your level 55. IP:
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    Hi all... As some of you may know, after 8 years of development, BF3:Reality Mod is coming out in about 3 days. Release Trailer Their website Might worth to keep following and run a server if it becomes available!
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    B3 Related Removed the dumb advertising script that kept banning people for silly things. Sorry about that Reworded a few B3 adverts in game. Added a few more warning/ban short cut reasons. Level 40 (CoD4 Admins) can now use !unban Level 20 (Clan Members) can now use: !warnclear or !wc - Clears all warnings for someone !scream or !s - Spams a line of text you write. Server Related Everyone can be auto balanced now, including VIP/Members. Added a new rule. Rule #10: No impersonating any players or staff without their permission. Doing Hopefully will actually setup some promod servers this late week or weekend, busy with life kinda atm. Fix the B3 bot on the paintball and custom maps server, seems unresponsive. Trying out a new paintball mod with pezbots. If you guys want to see what we are up to you can see our todo list and more! https://trello.com/b/Zk2CDPds/nova-veterans-gaming
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    Since one of our priorities is making players interact with us on forum, I'm once again suggest a screenshot panel where all players can see the screenshots taken. There are a lot of ideas about this, I'll drop some of them that might be helpful. Allow everyone to use the command !getss. Auto-getss at the beginning of every round. Instead of making a screenshot of a specific player only, we can also use !getss @all. Allow players to 'request ban' if the screenshot shows any kind of cheating. Screenshots will be deleted after a specific duration if we're running out of space, maybe a couple of weeks based on if we daily check the panel. I've seen also a screenshot channel on discord, I don't know what you guys planning but I don't suggest to keep it only on discord that will get away players from the website. Here an example of one of the old panels I used.
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    Battlefield 3 kill compilation with music, enjoy! BF3.mp4
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    With the panel we can detect even aimboters when none of us is online that time. That way we can ban them any time later.
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    Hey gang, with the up-coming bf3 server we took on two starting admins. @neonx-nVts- @SwiftVDroid-nVts We also took on two new website admins and discord mods. This decision was hard for us but at the end of the day these guys have way more experience and that's what we needed. If we had a busier spot we would have took on the other two applicants. @ThatOneGuysMilk-nVts- @G4b1tz-nVts- Thanks for applying!
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    In all servers our nvts members have "VIP" This gives everyone access to switch teams even though auto balance and auto team is on. All nvts members have a cross by their name now.
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    B3 Related All -nVts- members have access to !admins now. Reworded a few warn reasons. Reworded the !serverlist advert in game. Added new images and branding and reworded the !report tool for in-game and discord. Added new images and reworded the !clean tool for in-game and discord. Adjusted the max ping for players to have in our server before they get kicked - Should be 400 now. Server Related Four bots are now on each side for all of our servers except 24/7 crossfire and the search and destroy. Added like 300+ new bot names, will be random each round. Reload cancel is now on - this may be temporary for us.. Just trying it or maybe keeping it. Events server (All Modes) now has all perks enabled too since its all modes and maps. Nerfed the killstreaks - aka making them a tad bit harder to get now.. Hopefully will calm the bomb storms. UAV = 3 AGM = 8 Artillery = 15 Airstrike = 25 Helicopter = 30 AC130 = 45 Nuke = 65 Doing Add more swear words to the warning system. Try and add the anti-camping / afk scripts. Add an auto balance script. Try out the "Spawn from the top down" script. Adding VIP slots for donators/members. Promod server coming this week or next (For sure) Adding the OpenWarfare mod for the events server, this way we can host stuff like gun game.. Prop hunt... And other fun random modes. ^-- These last two things will take over the SnD server and bolts server. If you guys want to see what we are up to you can see our todo list and more! https://trello.com/b/Zk2CDPds/nova-veterans-gaming
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    Well up for hosting.... Hopefully the new version will be easier to manage. Modding the original was a nightmare. I can see right now Matt holding his head in his hands Lol.
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    After seeing Zap's beard, I don't have the right to say that I have one lol
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    There is no known fix as this happens with COD2, COD4 and COD:WAW. CL_CGameNeedsServerCommand: a reliable command was cycled out This is due to lag, caused after loading/downloading maps in COD4. After the map loads, the server will try to send each client a packet of data called "gamestate", literally "the state of the game". Without this, the game cannot inform a newly connected client what the state of gameplay is. Hence, it is absolutely vital that all clients get it. The server waits for the client to return an acknowledgment of that request, called an echo, before it can commence transmitting the "gamestate". If it doesn't get it (i.e. if it times out for any reason), you get this error: Error: CL_CGameNeedsServerCommand: a reliable command was cycled out there is absolutely nothing anyone other than Infinity Ward can do about this. It's a problem with the game. And until they fix it, it will continue to happen. To overcome this error you just need to type "/reconnect" in the console to rejoin the server.
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    Beard comes off in the summer
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    Only way to fix a max is to buy a PC.
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    Thank you guys for accepting me into the clan
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    This place I will dump small updates instead of a large post. Most of these are hot fixes or little things not worthy of a whole new post. See what we are working on here: https://trello.com/b/Zk2CDPds/novaveterans-cod4
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    Hey! The problem was find! i had " / " and " \ " in my name, doing a conflic on the code i think. Thanks to Proximity!
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    Been working 60+ hours a week so I haven’t been around lately. I still check the forums and discord daily. Hopefully one day I’ll find time for games again.
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    I agree with @Hoffmann-nVts- you have tons of fun when you are playing with your friends and people you know. Especially all being in a voice call together cracking up and just having a good time. Games like them are very hard to play by yourself but once you add a few buddies in it, it makes everything better
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    I joined couple of events and it was really fun and enjoyable . So I suggest to make more events but with some different games that can be accessible by everyone. Here some that can be fun to play with all members. . Fall Guys/Stumble Guys . Among Us . Skribbl . Song trivia maybe lol That's all that come up on my mind for now, I hope if u guys like the idea to suggest even more simple games.
  28. 2 points
    I just suggested some games that can be fun with friends or clan members. you can suggest some other ones if you have. Also u can consider our clan members as a friends
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    If everyone is okay with this maybe we can make a vote or smthg to make sure of players base.
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    I'm up for it!
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    I like the idea of having different events among other games, instead of playing our basic cod4 events. We just mainly have cod events as that’s what our discord mainly is, nothing but cod lol. I would be interested any possibly doing something else for an event instead of cod for next months. We would just need to make sure we have a good player base for them games.
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    @Pyro Technician
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    Oh it will come back when bow season starts 8D
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    Lol... Just took a good hour of my day out to install bf2 just to realize you were talking about bf3 haha... Anyway, bf3 is now installed xD
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    Just recently watched spider head..... AMAZING MOVIE.
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    I called Gladiator dad because he's much older then me in age and I can't barely say his name also because I don't have teeth's in top middle of my mouth now because I grind my teeth when I sleep that what the dentist says why before she tooken them out of my mouth that time, JayJay. If you don't me to call him dad in forums or discord I could call him Tony from his real name if you like JayJay.
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    Please, DO NOT add anti camp no matter what. It will ruin the game. Having a spot is part of the game. He can cover players that push. Also, it doesnt really work well. I may want to take my yime to go outisde or yo pass through a building. I dont want to have someone to tell me "U HAVE YO RUSH OR U WILL GET A PENALTY". I have benn to servers with anti camp and it doenst work well, at all. And im telling those things as a player who rarely camps and always push(P90 enjoyer). For bots, dont remove them completely. When the server fulls, u can remove bots depending on the players that wait in the line to get in the game. If this "mixed" technque for bots isnt possible to made, dont remove them at all.
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    You could get a 31.5 inches with an 240 hz monitor if you have the right video card for that JayJay for $269.99 on Amazon.com. Here's the link for that monitor JayJay: https://www.amazon.com/Acer-XZ320Q-Xbmiiphx-Zero-Frame-Adaptive-Sync/dp/B08F7XLXW7/ref=sr_1_47?crid=23VYT2MEZJ4JV&keywords=gaming%2Bmonitors&qid=1657085280&refinements=p_n_size_browse-bin%3A3547808011&rnid=2633086011&s=pc&sprefix=gaming%2Bmonitors%2Caps%2C140&sr=1-47&th=1&fbclid=IwAR0p5-lEEqqzzJ9ZRC-RvufCODdQ3T4P0sfaQ_vfzCvpFy6ysgWwLl2nWRM
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    This is a suggestion about auto-feeding new suggestions to cards in a Suggestions Trello list. I was thinking that since we use Trello we could have an automated list that you could pull a suggestion post from the forums and make it a card in a Suggestions list. When someone makes a suggestion on the forums, instead of reading the suggestion copying the suggestion to a card assign a label, add more details, add importance and drag it to our to-do list We could Someone makes a suggestion post on the forums Zapier triggers and creates a card with the suggestion content in a dedicated list of cards for forum suggestions named Suggestions We read them on the spot, we can assign a label, add more details, add importance and just drag whatever suggestion we want to our to-do list Notice that the first two procedures got fully automated with extremely lower window for errors. Also, comments on the forums can be added automatically. The suggestion is complete and straight from the author as it was written, plus you can add extra details/comments/media if you want. There is already a Zapier integration between Invision Community and Trello and works like this I think we already use Zapier for other reasons so I don't think it'll be a problem. Here's the Zapier Trello integration. Let me know what you think.
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    Hey The EngiNerd thanks for coming, again, to the forums. Sad to hear that it happened again to you with no reason, it seems that something related to you triggers our recruit/advertising alarms. Did you notice what you said when this happened? I will let a head admin know and unban you when they can, they will reply here when done.
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    Cool, I used to bhop back in the 50's !!? I'm used to no hopping on some of the other servers I used to play on as well as the NO other perks. So yes, let's give it a try. Thanks Prox old buddie old pal LOL. Anyone got a match?? Get it? Match??
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    Added more bot names to all servers, and shuffled them around so they will look like even more added. Fixed a couple of simple b3 things I forgot about for the Hardcore server. Cleaned up some more configs for the servers.
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    Create new subtopics in Suggestions & Ideas one for suggestions for the forum itself and one for Discord. That way we can properly categorize, monitor or even assign people to those topics and manage them more efficiently. Example names could be Forum suggestions and Discord suggestions.
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    Basically I just noticed there is already a News category. It's under Announcements. Dang it, I posted news in the wrong category
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    Rod and reel! This is a Goliath grouper. Legal to catch. Illegal to kill. This one was close to 200 pounds.
  48. 1 point
    Having read the FAQs the BF3 reality team make it clear they have no affiliation with the BF2 reality team as though there is an association they dont want have.
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    That's one hell of a setup for a guy who doesn't play with us enough
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