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    B3 Related Removed the dumb advertising script that kept banning people for silly things. Sorry about that Reworded a few B3 adverts in game. Added a few more warning/ban short cut reasons. Level 40 (CoD4 Admins) can now use !unban Level 20 (Clan Members) can now use: !warnclear or !wc - Clears all warnings for someone !scream or !s - Spams a line of text you write. Server Related Everyone can be auto balanced now, including VIP/Members. Added a new rule. Rule #10: No impersonating any players or staff without their permission. Doing Hopefully will actually setup some promod servers this late week or weekend, busy with life kinda atm. Fix the B3 bot on the paintball and custom maps server, seems unresponsive. Trying out a new paintball mod with pezbots. If you guys want to see what we are up to you can see our todo list and more! https://trello.com/b/Zk2CDPds/nova-veterans-gaming
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    This is a suggestion about auto-feeding new suggestions to cards in a Suggestions Trello list. I was thinking that since we use Trello we could have an automated list that you could pull a suggestion post from the forums and make it a card in a Suggestions list. When someone makes a suggestion on the forums, instead of reading the suggestion copying the suggestion to a card assign a label, add more details, add importance and drag it to our to-do list We could Someone makes a suggestion post on the forums Zapier triggers and creates a card with the suggestion content in a dedicated list of cards for forum suggestions named Suggestions We read them on the spot, we can assign a label, add more details, add importance and just drag whatever suggestion we want to our to-do list Notice that the first two procedures got fully automated with extremely lower window for errors. Also, comments on the forums can be added automatically. The suggestion is complete and straight from the author as it was written, plus you can add extra details/comments/media if you want. There is already a Zapier integration between Invision Community and Trello and works like this I think we already use Zapier for other reasons so I don't think it'll be a problem. Here's the Zapier Trello integration. Let me know what you think.
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    I like it, ill change it to NovaVeterans Gaming Community
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    Changelogs - August 10th 2022 Removed the rust category. Added a battlefield category. Added @JayJay-nVts- to the forum moderator to moderate ban appeals (I will likely make this a separate role?)
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    Sadly I have done all of this prior to making the post, just gives me some dumb error saying to contact my support lol. This is the real truth.
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