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  1. I clearly saw that he was cheating. It would be nice if we could ban him asap. Because he was connected to the game again today and he was reported.
  2. Hello FluffyCat, It is obvious that he cheated. Our admins will take the necessary actions about that person as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest and report.
  3. Hello my friend, Thank you for your willingness to play on our servers, although you have the option to continue on different servers. Our directors continue to work so that our servers can give you the best experience. When I checked the topic that caused your objection, I see that it violates many rules. ( #2, #3, #7, #10, #11 ) For this reason, you are temporarily banned and there is no mistake in your punishment. People with cheating or toxic behavior annoy us too. Our staff includes experienced and often online admins. If you encounter any problems within the servers, please contact us. Otherwise, you may be penalized temporarily or permanently if you violate the rules. Page of our Cod4 server rules: https://www.novaveterans.org/forums/topic/586-player-guidelines-for-our-cod4x-servers/
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