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  1. 1 warning: I was making a joke and took a word to me as a curse. 2 warning: I was dying 20 times in a row so I got angry and I wrote f**k in the chat. 3 warning: I wanted to change the fov and the server took me as spam commands. It was not my intention to insult a particular person or make them uncomfortable. I apologize for this behavior and I will try not to repeat this mistake in the future.
  2. What is your name in-game: Aomine. What server did this occur on: ntvs-all maps. Why did you get banned: 2 adverstisment for cursing and 1 for spamming command. What is your game GUID or SteamID: I don t know what is GUID(Is this 2310346615429728074?) and I don t use Steam. Why should your ban be lifted: I'm a very regular player, everyone knows me and I'm sorry for cursing. Additional Information: Please :))
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