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  1. Motherboard -- msi tomahawk max Processor -- AMD Ryzen 5 3400g Memory -- 16gb Video Card -- zotac 1080 amp extreme Monitor -- Dell s22 40l and Huion 22 Keyboard -- tvs cherry blue mech (upgraded to a redragon K550 silver/white not in pic) Mouse -- Redgear z1 pro (mice not in pic: redragon m908, steelseries sensei chrome) Headphones -- Samson sr850 c72cd1b6-0406-4582-8e87-74cfbfa4c9fd.jpg.jfif
  2. Greetings, My ign is R7*,...,* I used to be in the scene many moons ago when GuM was active. Play mostly tdm and was quite infamous in the asian cod4 community at my peak, won some tourneys and then retired. I am back into cod4 because i dont enjoy current fps titles for multiplayer as i am looking for something to keep me sharp while decreasing stress. I wish to get along and have some silly fun!
  3. I contacted the admins through Discord, got unbanned twice but still the problem persists. i thought it was because of the special characters used so i am currently playing by the name: EvoX cod4 uk server max xp in the ban my id is :2310346616157987520 reason for ban is rule 6. This time i typed nothing in chat, still. thr was a player called "ufonvis" in the server who may be an admin idk but basically i was banned by the bot
  4. What is your name in-game: lambo_RAMBO What server did this occur on: Why did you get banned: advertising / recruit What is your game GUID or SteamID: dont really know, i installed after 7 years unlegit version Why should your ban be lifted: i didnt advertise neither played unfairly Additional Information: very old player, i went by the name R7 *,...,*. affiliations with gum, evox, r7 clans
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