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  1. This is how it translates...It appears to be a advertisment spam... We invite your company to mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of production and supply of Sheet 42NKhTYU. - Supply of refractory and heat-resistant alloys based on (molybdenum, tungsten, tantalum, niobium, titanium, zirconium, bismuth, vanadium, nickel, cobalt); - Supply of concentrates and oxides - Supply of products for industrial purposes (bar, sheet, wire, mesh, crucibles, square, screen, heater) rod, foil, contacts, bushing, support, pallets, seed holders, shapers, disks, wire, hoop, electrode, parts, plate , strip, corrugated plate, boat, pancakes, bars, bowls, discs, pipe. - Any standard sizes, production according to drawings and specifications of the customer. - Supply of products from alloys: Pipe 2.4199 Foil tungsten VRN Bar niobium Nb EP180 Wire 36N - GOST 10994-74 8f66546 Ban Stays.
  2. Best of luck Carly!! Im sad to see you go, however, goodbye's are forever, so in my particular social circle we always say "See You Later" I wish you well in all your endevours Carly. Take care! See you later!
  3. I agree with what neonx says here. At the time of my initial post I was unawre it was an auto-ban. The ban will be lifted. As for the name, if it seems I over reacted on that subject I appolagize. Just keeping in mind, the names we chose for gaming etc can project an image of who we are or what we stand for.
  4. Technically just the name should be a perm ban. Do you have any idea who R Kelly is? That name in it's self is insanly offensive. Ban stays untill further notice.
  5. Im up for this. Cant wait to give is a try! Curiouis as to how the no jumping part will go...
  6. Hardwire-nVts-

    7/5 Paintball!

    Awe man! Sorry I missed this one. Been having things going with my elderly father.
  7. Welcome to the Nut Haus! Hope you enjoy your stay!!
  8. I agree on this Milky. A ban was a bit harsh. The idea of discussing such matters in the game is just not a good idea because it can cause others to chime in and make things worse. That is why I prefer to take it out of the game even if it's just temporary. So in order to avoid any more backlash on this one, I will lift the ban entirely.
  9. The entire point here is being missed entirely. He was not banned because he did not join a voice channel as I asked him to, it was because he simply decided to argue with me about my request. My intentions were only to talk to him about the name, that was all. I will lift this ban as long as he can show that he understands my point. As for now I'll just change it to a temp ban.
  10. And I did not tell him to join discord "right now" ... oye.
  11. This is fine with me. I was not "Flashing anything" as anyone knows, I will only call out someone when needed and I asked him to simply join a discord chat to talk about his name. I was going to let him know how it can create animosity amongst clients and admins by challenging a ban. This was not a difficult request, and I was not about to discuss it in game as he requested, however he went on about why he needed to join discord chat and would not do so. So I gave him a last chance, and no dice. Then I accepted his challenge and banned him. I was going to lift the ban, however after seeing what he wrote here, it is clear he has a complete misconception of how this all works, so no lift.
  12. Happy Fathers Day to all you Dad's !! Hope you have an awsome day!
  13. Just curious on this one...not that I have a problem with it, but, sounds like a slippery slope. I guess it seems safer if a member has at least 3 to 6 months with us before we hand out the commands under "members". Just saying. Give all nVts members access to temp ban commands.
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