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  1. My name is Jones Vasquez Diaz, ID "vadizhi" I'm from Peru, I'm 36 years old, I wanted to know what happened? Well, I came back from work to play a little cod4, I was surprised that I've been blocked!, And a guy who used my ID (CHEESECAKE) called himself "vadizhi", and insulted the server users with all kinds of comments despite the fact that this guy uses "auto aim" and never received a sanction from the admins, I ignored him and continued enjoying the server old school, without knowing that they would punish me, I competed in promod many years ago I am not the best, but I love cod4, ask the LATAM community on your server "if I am toxic?" everyone gets along with me with my behavior, it is unfair from my perspective that I be punished for a supplanter. I hope your good faith, and be fair in this case, greetings.
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