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  1. Damn! Always cool to hear the reasons behind player names. Welcome aboard!
  2. B3 Related Added to all server rules "English Speaking Only", yes we allow other languages a bit.. But speak English if you're going to have a full on conversation. Its just spam to anyone to doesn't know your language. Added a few new "Ban Reason" for staff/members. Check https://www.novaveterans.org/forums/topic/230-kick-warn-reasons/?tab=comments#comment-735 Server Related 24/7 Crossfire now has killcams. - Reduces bitching about good players. 24/7 Crossfire now has sniper sway. - Reduces people destroying others with snipers, these were like lasers lol. Doing Nerf the LMG's - Reduce the clip size and rounds within gun. Hopefully will calm down the wall sprayers. If you guys want to see what we are up to you can see our todo list and more! https://trello.com/b/Zk2CDPds/nova-veterans-gaming
  3. I was talking COD4 lol, maybe there is a TTT mod.
  4. I was hoping to bring back Promod SND servers shortly, possibly moving this current SND server to a UK since more UK players use it. Possibly do more random scrim nights with Promod?
  5. I was thinking on slapping some random mods on the events server, we could play like Star wars mod... Prop hunt... Really whatever mod people want to play just to spice it up some more.
  6. I was just thinking about this today actually before you made this post. I'm open to decrease the clip/ammo amount even just to soften that spraying.
  7. Whoops, updated post with proper IP
  8. B3 Related Added a load of ban/kick/warn short cuts. Typing them will print a better message for you. https://www.novaveterans.org/forums/topic/230-kick-warn-reasons/?tab=comments#comment-713 Updated some random text that was spelt wrong again, oops. Server Related Freeze Tag server was switched over to a rotation of ALL MAPS, and ALL GAMEMODES. This server is also soft core (Not hardcore) and has a kill cam. This server will also be considered the "Events" server to prevent people crying about other servers changing modes. Here is the IP Enjoy! If you guys want to see what we are up to you can see our todo list and more! https://trello.com/b/Zk2CDPds/nova-veterans-gaming
  9. For the sake of any future issues or complaints. We have removed any talk of political or even religious talk. Certainly puts a bad taste in a a lot of peoples mouth. If you feel you need to talk about it, join a private voice call with people or just keep in in the dm's. We have a lot of members here from ALL OVER that this effects, you don't know what some people go through. Keep in mind we also have the policy about homophobia, sexism etc. Keep it fair, and polite in here. We are not a hateful group, tags or not.. Keep some of your thoughts to your self. Thanks Management
  10. @DEFNET @Senti @G4b1tz
  11. Please do, I’d recommend Nvidia GeForce experience or shadow play or some sorts. I’ll lift the ban this time but next time I’ll be leaving it for a short amount of time. Not sure how or why you keep getting banned for it but no one else has besides hackers. Enjoy.
  12. Strange, it only kicks for headshots. You didn’t happen to be recording at the time or anything have you?
  13. Let me know if that works.
  14. So strange, you’re the only person that has had this issue lmao. Are you only getting headshots? Using killstreaks? How fast did you get the kills.
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