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  1. Please wait for the banning admin to respond. We have members from many nations, using the name "Russian Pussy" is quite NSFW, whatever the language. I say reduce to one week, after then you might see why it's offensive.
  2. it thought you were advertising. lifted, post locked. Contact again if reoccurs.
  3. Since it appears to be a system auto ban, and there is no submitted evidence for hacks, I'm for lifting this provided you use a different name. We had other issues with historically named players and to be honest its easier to just ask those with names offensive to others to just change it.
  4. its possible to get the 1.0 files and host it, but other then nostalgia its really no different. Just less. It's 11 years old.
  5. To watch it, copy the demo into /Applications/Call of Duty 4/Call of Duty 4 Data/Mods/ModWarfare/demos/ You might have to make the "demos" folder. Then, when you are in the main menu of CoD press Mods and choose ModWarfare. The screen should change to somewhat blueish and then /demo demo_name should work.
  6. neonx-nVts-

    temp ban

    Player has dozens of warnings and temp bans related to profanity. Unless the directors choose to lift this, it stands. You don't seem to understand, that language is unacceptable for any reason. Take some time to cool off.
  7. neonx-nVts-


    Logs indicate that you had been repeatedly warned for racist and profane language, and a director has issued an appropriate ban. I am for this being held, this behavior is abhorrent and not in the spirit of our clan. It is not tolerated. Grow up
  8. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/hungergames.65942/ Thoughts? Run an event and spin up a HG map for a few hours / event. It's pretty fun if we had enough people. We keep the map radius smal
  9. They see me rolling, they not hatin. Law abiding citizen reporting in.
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