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  1. Ven


    Locked. Thank you for your appeal.
  2. Old Minecraft would be extremely painful to host I feel like, specifically a version that old. Any plugins would be 10+ years old and hard to find. Much less a bukkit or God forbid an HMod file to run it. Old mc would be a fun experience but you’d have to go further back than MC 1.0 to get a good experience. Maybe back towards Alpha 1.2 when terrain generation was amazing. Anything from late beta and forward is just better on current version. You’ll be missing a lot of content and QoL otherwise.
  3. Transparent, yes. An extra step and headache for higher ups who have unbanning perms, hell yes. Personally I like the idea, it's just an extra step for us to complete. So -1 from me.
  4. Love to see more things like HQ where the teams actually matter. Regular tdm like what we've been having doesn't really do that for me. Agreed on deathrun and other things.
  5. Hey again, After reviewing the evidence again from both Proximity and myself, we realized that a mistake was made on our part. Your ban has been lifted and you are free to play on the servers again. Have fun!
  6. Hey there, we are currently waiting on the demo submission from @Proximity77-nVts- and we'll get back to as soon as possible. Please be patient while we review the evidence.
  7. I've used Guilded long before they had a voice chat system. Unfortunately, Guilded is not anywhere near as popular as Discord is, and we will seriously be hindering ourselves by using other platforms that are not as widely accepted. This includes TeamSpeak, Mumble, and Guilded. If we were to switch to Guilded, there would be a massive player loss, and most likely a massive disconnect between the staff and players. We already have a calendar on the website, along with the ability to post active clan member streams, document links, etc all on here also. The discord could certainly use some of those features, however they can all be covered by discord bots.
  8. Ven

    Website Changelog

    Changelogs - May 31st, 2022 Modified permission node for ban appeals to restrict who may post and reply to topics. Only Head Admin+ should be allowed to respond to these. Anyone may make an appeal though.
  9. Ven

    Website Changelog

    Changelogs - May 28th, 2022 Added a footer to the forum. Moved various links and content to be housed here. This includes the community history section on homepage. This will allow it to be displayed across the entire website. Modified various settings in the post container. Modified various settings in the post's author container.
  10. Ven

    Website Changelog

    Changelogs - May 24th, 2022 Release of new forum theme "nVts v2.0". This theme includes a dark version that can be toggled at the top-left of the screen. Remade homepage to include events and provide a cleaner design for all users. Added a "Who Was Online" widget to show all users online in the past 24 hours. Updated statistics widget to show forum topics and posts alongside the member stats.
  11. Unless this is another situation of name stealing, the real sektchy has been verified by the Director team and multiple members of administration to be a legit player. He is one of our better players for certain, however he definitely does not cheat. If you happen to be able to get a demo or some form of actual evidence of him cheating, then please send it our way.
  12. Initial server release! Gameplay Changes Re-balanced loot tables. Many improves and rate buffs. Doubled resource stack size limit. i.e: Stones stack to 2000. Added DiscordServerStats to #rust-server-info. Added recyclers to all oil rigs, fishing villages, and ranches. Added drone stations to all fishing villages and ranches. Merged bandit camp and outpost.
  13. Locked this. Thanks for the update.
  14. Ven

    Website Changelog

    Changelogs - March 26th, 2022 Reworked Head Administrator permissions to have global forum moderation permissions. Began development of theme "NVTS v2.0".
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