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  1. NoVa Veterans has been in use since 2009, wrong or not, I like it that way.
  2. I think ive bought BF3 couple of years back on Origin for about 3-4 quid lol But to make my life easier, ill just buy it again on steam with all DLC so everything is at one place
  3. Have a look at Battlefield 2, if you didn't play it, then check Project Reality mod for BF2. Its was same game but completely different! Now they doing same with BF3!
  4. Hi all... As some of you may know, after 8 years of development, BF3:Reality Mod is coming out in about 3 days. Release Trailer Their website Might worth to keep following and run a server if it becomes available!
  5. I wish I was still into gaming as I was before, but i really want ZZR1400 If we do move to games like Squad, ArmA or similar, I will be back into gaming for sure!
  6. Corsair 1000D Case Same MBO as Proxi (and same chair ) Ryzen 5950x RTX 3090 2x Adata M.2 SSD's 2TB (4 total) 64GB 3600MHz Kingston Fury RGB AOC 27" 1080p GX Gaming Mouse Corsair K55 Some dual loop cooling lol etc... (Weights 45.2 kilos ) Been trying to sell it for some time now actually (bought in November last year) but I guess its too much dineros for majority lol
  7. Cant find any gyms on map near you but loads of pubs Thanks, i will be around, off for a week tomorrow to Cro.
  8. Aaahhh right, at first I was like WTF, two Matts now
  9. Ive always been around, keeping an eye on you all. Whats with MattA, what happened with MattB?
  10. No I haven't, might do in future, looks fun!
  11. Hi guys, Im Tommy (TommyGunn-nVts-), nearly 31. I've been a Veteran since very beginning. I was back then addicted to BF2 hence I was an BF2 Leader. Ive also been playing DF:BHD with some of the really old gits now eldery ATM Im into DayZ Standalone & World of Warships. Also been playing Squad, Post Scriptum, Hell Let loose, Arma's II & III, League of Legends etc. I hope I do find some time to join you on CoD as it seems most of you are from there. Its also very nice to see NoVaVets coming back to life and I hope we go strong like we once was. Hope you meet some more of us old members and get the real Veteran deal! PS: don't trust Gladiator when he says hes at the gym, because that means he is in pub!
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