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  1. good luck with your education, see you again later..
  2. I also agree with that, I thought !pm is already available didn't try it yet lol
  3. I think it would helpful if we add '$hidecmd' option on our servers. In case some of you don't know the utility of the command, it'll allow you use all the commands without showing anything in the chat for the players.
  4. Hoffmann-nVts-


    It seems like you got auto-banned for saying a disrespectful word which is not allowed in our servers
  5. I'm not saying we're going to catch every cheater with it, but still it's helpful to make our members use the website.
  6. With the panel we can detect even aimboters when none of us is online that time. That way we can ban them any time later.
  7. This is a hoster panel but I'll send you the link
  8. Since one of our priorities is making players interact with us on forum, I'm once again suggest a screenshot panel where all players can see the screenshots taken. There are a lot of ideas about this, I'll drop some of them that might be helpful. Allow everyone to use the command !getss. Auto-getss at the beginning of every round. Instead of making a screenshot of a specific player only, we can also use !getss @all. Allow players to 'request ban' if the screenshot shows any kind of cheating. Screenshots will be deleted after a specific duration if we're running out of space, maybe a couple of weeks based on if we daily check the panel. I've seen also a screenshot channel on discord, I don't know what you guys planning but I don't suggest to keep it only on discord that will get away players from the website. Here an example of one of the old panels I used.
  9. This would be lovely if we really had a good amount of members that interact on the forum. This could work better if we keep it just for discord.
  10. I just suggested some games that can be fun with friends or clan members. you can suggest some other ones if you have. Also u can consider our clan members as a friends
  11. If everyone is okay with this maybe we can make a vote or smthg to make sure of players base.
  12. I joined couple of events and it was really fun and enjoyable . So I suggest to make more events but with some different games that can be accessible by everyone. Here some that can be fun to play with all members. . Fall Guys/Stumble Guys . Among Us . Skribbl . Song trivia maybe lol That's all that come up on my mind for now, I hope if u guys like the idea to suggest even more simple games.
  13. After seeing Zap's beard, I don't have the right to say that I have one lol
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