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  1. I thought I saw you in the US crossfire server yesterday playing as Ismokeweed didn't I?
  2. So, you were playing as HAZTWALL yesterday? Too bad. You are permanently and forever banned now pal. Which I might add is a violation of the condition Gladiator set for your return to our servers. There are a number of violations here...including impersonating a NoVavets admin. You will notice that the name you were in server under yesterday is listed at the bottom of this very lengthy list and if your claim to not know what I was talking about were remotely true, you would have no way of knowing about my discussion with you about Rule 11. Alias Times Used First Used Last Used llawsaw123 1 Wed, 28/09/22 (03:20) Wed, 28/09/22 (03:20) .sektoz 7 Sun, 24/04/22 (16:27) Wed, 28/09/22 (03:18) ECUADOR 6 Fri, 16/09/22 (21:12) Sun, 25/09/22 (16:30) Adoedo camper 2 Sun, 18/09/22 (17:55) Sun, 18/09/22 (18:12) ARSnnnn<3 2 Sat, 17/09/22 (18:32) Sat, 17/09/22 (18:35) CHEESECAKE 1 Sat, 17/09/22 (04:05) Sat, 17/09/22 (04:05) Player 2 Fri, 16/09/22 (21:53) Fri, 16/09/22 (22:15) Farva 1 Fri, 16/09/22 (21:59) Fri, 16/09/22 (21:59) adoedo 1 Fri, 16/09/22 (21:17) Fri, 16/09/22 (21:17) sek 2 Wed, 07/09/22 (00:20) Wed, 14/09/22 (18:41) stick455 1 Thu, 08/09/22 (02:16) Thu, 08/09/22 (02:16) [R] sektoz 13 Sat, 23/04/22 (02:42) Mon, 05/09/22 (16:29) roger13 1 Thu, 25/08/22 (14:56) Thu, 25/08/22 (14:56) [R] atthz 1 Thu, 25/08/22 (06:07) Thu, 25/08/22 (06:07) dabura 1 Thu, 25/08/22 (02:02) Thu, 25/08/22 (02:02) atthz 1 Mon, 22/08/22 (15:57) Mon, 22/08/22 (15:57) rhrtyrt 1 Sat, 16/07/22 (19:05) Sat, 16/07/22 (19:05) aaaaaaaaaa 1 Sat, 02/07/22 (23:45) Sat, 02/07/22 (23:45) proximity.nVts- 2 Mon, 27/06/22 (02:27) Sat, 02/07/22 (06:09) a_ 1 Sat, 02/07/22 (05:45) Sat, 02/07/22 (05:45) B 1 Mon, 27/06/22 (01:16) Mon, 27/06/22 (01:16) Messi 1 Sun, 26/06/22 (21:47) Sun, 26/06/22 (21:47) eexeeqqex 1 Sun, 26/06/22 (05:53) Sun, 26/06/22 (05:53) saaaaaaa 1 Sun, 19/06/22 (00:05) Sun, 19/06/22 (00:05) Haztwall 1 Tue, 05/04/22 (15:40) Tue, 05/04/22 (15:40)
  3. So, three bans in as many weeks... Either the administrative program is correct or you are apparently a slow learner (failing to adjust your play style accordingly) 12145 Ban Sat, 01/10/22 (13:35) Permanent Aimbot detected. Dispute this @ nvts.online/appeal 9 kills B3 12076 Ban Thu, 29/09/22 (19:30) De-activated Aimbot detected. Dispute this @ nvts.online/appeal 9 kills B3 11070 Ban Sun, 11/09/22 (14:28) De-activated Aimbot detected. Dispute this @ nvts.online/appeal 9 kills B3
  4. FluffyCat, I cannot seem to get into the server at the moment. Who is the player you are reporting?
  5. Germainp28, Rule #11; No wall spamming or dumping LMG magazines into walls/areas. Wall spamming means you are just shooting into walls where you think players might be with no indication that you are there. I watched you for a while after I figured out who was doing this (I could hear it in server). You were in the one area shooting whole SAW magazines into a wall hoping to catch players as they ran through the other side without being able to see if they were there or not. After I posted the warning, you stopped doing that for awhile. You did dump most of a magazine through a wall where you saw a player run behind -and that's fine. But then you started spamming (randomly firing into) walls in other areas of the map. That is not allowed under the current rules. Let me know if that makes sense, as I don't speak Spanish and cannot otherwise translate.
  6. Germainp28, First, I only speak and read English, so have no idea what half of that is about. Secondly, you seem to be talking about two different things, your temporary ban for wall spamming, and the bad behavior of others in the servers. Both are issues for us. I temp banned you after I clearly warned you and posted Rule 11: No wall spamming or dumping LMG magazines into walls/areas. You stopped for a little while, but then went right back to wall spamming without targeting a specific enemy in that area. I was recording if you you wish to contest this, but it sounds to me like you just disagree with the rule rather than dispute you were breaking said rule. The issues on the server you tend to note concern us. There are some folks who -in my own opinion- should be banned forever from our servers. You are NOT one of them in my opinion. I am fully ok with your temp ban being lifted immediately if you will only agree to abide by our rules while in our servers. Here is a complete list of our server rules as they now stand: Rule #1: No Racism or disrespect to any players or staff! Dispute this @ nvts.online/appeal Rule #2: Problem with a player? Use !report or goto our discord @ ^3nvts.online/discord Rule #3: This is an English speaking server only - This is to prevent foul language and other rude chatter. Rule #4: No game exploit abusing... This includes elevators, and other extreme glitches. Dispute this @ nvts.online/discord Rule #5: No offensive or potentially offensive names. Dispute this @ nvts.online/appeal Rule #6: No recruiting or advertising for anything. Dispute this @ nvts.online/appeal Rule #7: No profanity or offensive language. Dispute this @ nvts.online/appeal Rule #8: Camping is allowed, spawn camping is not encouraged but is allowed. Rule #9: No fast fire scripts or scroll wheeling is allowed. Dispute this @ nvts.online/appeal Rule #10 No cursing or foul language, players of all ages are in our servers. Dispute this @ nvts.online/appeal Rule #11; No wall spamming or dumping LMG magazines into walls/areas.
  7. rule11 = No wall spamming or dumping LMG magazines into walls/areas.
  8. Do we have a platoon in BF3? If so...what is it?
  9. I liked battlefield...I"ll check it out..thanks JayJay
  10. ...it is time to introduce myself to those who haven't met me yet. First, the name zap came from the old days where the only arcade games around were between the double entry doors at the bigger department stores -and you were only allowed three characters. Years later, the whole internet thing came around and then started to catch on, and I was forced to add additional numbers...so zap275 it has been every since. I started playing the early COD games. When Black Ops came out, I ended up with a clan called BtK. I was one of the server admins on those servers. I occasionally see a name that looks pretty familiar and assume they played in our servers back in the day. As the games progressed and became more and more demanding on the hardware side, I pretty much quit playing the CODs and Black Ops games about MW3. Corner hopping is one of the most unrealistic things in these games and giving boosters to encourage that was just too much. I was working as a cop, finishing up a PhD., and running my own business, so didn't have time to be frustrated when I had a chance to jump into a game. Fast forward I started looking back through the older games in my Steam library and noted that there are so many hacks out there that I have no desire to ever go back to MWII for instance. I found that there was actually a community of servers that were active for COD4 and here I am. Personally, I'm an outdoors type person...bow hunting in the fall and fishing in the spring. I resigned from being a cop a few years ago. I am now a college professor for a couple colleges teaching psychology, including work as a senior dissertation chair. Most of the time outside of teaching, I am a researcher looking primarily at organizational leadership, stress, and anxiety as they affect performance -primarily in the emergency services. I have a love/hate relationship with Discord, so often it is more trouble for me than it is worth. However, I'm working on it. I built this machine about 13 years ago, so suspect I'll be upgrading and building a new machine soon. I don't mind questions. If I don't want to answer one, I'll say so. I tend to be pretty upfront and plain spoken -which that brand of directness is apparently too much for some people. *shrug* Welcome to the real world cupcakes. Later.... Zap, aka Brad
  11. Of course there is walling of various types...but is there a common cheat out there which aids a player in making killshots when they weren't even close? Of course auto aim is obvious...but I just watched a player (NICOXXX) whom I was about 85% sure was walling. I saw him do some very questionable things while spectating, but not really clearly a cheat. However, he is about the third player I've watched which only has to get a sniper rifle within a foot and a half of a player's head to score a headshot. Any normal kill shot is within about two feet of the player. Anyone seeing this? Is it a cheat or something else?
  12. Oh its ok Hoffmann you'll grow up one day... *snicker and ducking*
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