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  1. Yes I need the exact full name you used
  2. I couldn’t find you by name or steam ID.
  3. Hello! thanks for coming to our forum. Sounds like you have been banned by our B3 script. you must have gotten 9 headshots in a row very quickly, that will trigger a ban. I cant find a ban under that name, also that is not a valid steam id or guid. please provide accurate details.
  4. So. To put an end to this. You have been playing with us a long time. And you have been a toxic player since you started with us. You have had more then enough chances to get your act together and you refuse to. Perm ban stays.
  5. No reports of disrespect huh? Looks like you have a mile long rap sheet of disrespect
  6. I know you don’t cheat. But if you don’t clip all the bots with headshots so fast you won’t keep getting banned. Slow your roll we aren’t changing our servers. We have this problem once in a while but this is the first time it happened to someone 4 times in a week. Slow down. Stop picking them off so fast.
  7. Only way to avoid the bans is to ease up on the headshots so quickly. This happened to you 3-4 times. And each time I told you this.
  8. We have a script that bans players after getting 9 kills in a row in a very short amount of time. Suggest you take it easy on the bots or your just going to keep having this problem.
  9. I’m away on vacation but I can still handle bans. If you think he’s cheating I’ll ban them on your behalf as long as you can confirm it
  10. This is now the 3rd forum post you made. Your temp ban expires in 1 week. Not 2. Stop spamming our forums.
  11. Your other forum was locked for a reason . You posted an appeal. We made a decision. Accept the decision. Post locked.
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