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LittleDan45-nVts- COD4 Admin
TYRON 4 days ago
hi LittleDan i was banned for racism. but wast being racist i just asked a question look at my case please . and please see if you can help ive been playing on this server a long time with no probs and would like to continue
nick 5 months ago
Hi I was banned today for using a VPN. Can I have this removed please?
Jon The Baptist 6 months ago
hello my nickname in game in ur cod4 servers in game is Jon The Baptist and i got banned today with the excuse norecoil/aimbot but that isnt true since im playing in ur servers weeks and i think other ppl wll back me up..i think the ban was unfair and i applied for a ban appeal. Pls look into it. My other nicknames were SuRgE ,Black Cloud ,Mind The Gap...Thanks in advance
LittleDan45-nVts- 6 months ago
It's being reviewed, you should have a response soon
daniilmedvedev30stm 6 months ago
hello I banned twice in a row for no reason falsely accusing please lift the penalty which is extremely long my nick name is daniil medvedev
WILLOW 6 months ago
Hello, my username is WILLOW. I can't enter cod4 bans and I think I was punished for swearing... but I didn't comment anything profane or insulting. So I don't understand my penalty. you can see my case And I try to register and I do not receive a verification email
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