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Server Specific Rules

- No Racism of any kind or disrespect towards Server Staff of other Players

- Our servers are English speaking, keep long conversations in English or you risk getting warned

- No game exploit abusing (elevators, glitches etc)

Problem with a player? Use in-game text !report (name) (reason) or directly to our discord @

- No Offensive or NSFW names

- No recruiting or advertising whatsoever

- No profanity or offensive language will be tolerated

- Camping and spawn camping are not encouraged but allowed

- No fast fire scripts or scroll wheeling are allowed

- The servers belong to your community Respect & Enjoy

If you wish to join The NoVa Veterans Clan, you can request membership @ -nVts- Clan Application. • NoVa Veterans Gaming

*Rules are subject to change moving forward.....

-nVts- Server Rules & Guidelines about 1 year ago

General Chat Rules

- Spamming is not allowed

- Treat All others with respect

- Advertisement is not allowed unless posted under #-self-promotion (This includes but is not limited to: Personal companies, other communities)

- Flaming, rioting, and insulting, others is not allowed.

- This also forbids discrimination, harassment, etc

- If an admin makes an order, follow it. If you believe it is not fair, report it here

- Keep NSFW content to the adults voice room and the #-nsfw-chat room.

- Inappropriate nicknames will be changed, or you will be warned/kicked from the Discord.

- Any form of threats to the community or to others is not allowed in any capacity

- This also forbids revealing personal information

- Impersonation or falsely claiming you are staff is not allowed

- Speak English only when possible (For support reasons, you can speak with players in other languages as necessary)

- Do not start or bring drama into the server, handle personal issues in DMs or if necessary involve staff

- Do not exploit Discord bugs

- Begging is not allowed (Includes items and money)

- Please keep the discussions in the right place, discord can be busy sometimes and every topic has a home.

- Follow all forms of Discord TOS

- Looking to have a player banned or appeal a ban? You can find the form here @ -nVts- Ban Appeal Application. • NoVa Veterans Gaming


Voice Chat Specific Rules

- Be respectful when sharing the music bot(s)

- Keep Channel hopping to the minimum

- Mic spam is not allowed

- Try to keep background noise to a minimum. Use PTT if necessary

- Enjoy... This is your community, have fun!


*Rules are subject to change moving forward.....

Discord Invite link:

-nVts- Discord User Guidelines about 1 year ago
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