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Rat-nVts- Head Admin
Xovak_13 24 days ago
good morning my friend,I need your help.last week ,In a game on the Crash map, there was a player with the nickname Marxmann or Marmann, who always hit the target and knew where the players were going to appear. He had 150 kills with only 4 deaths. He had us annoyed. I just told him I asked if he was a good player or was he using Cheat Hack. Obviously it was an administrator who didn't like the question and kicked me out. Even on the lock screen it said ::: Marxmann. He also gave the excuse that I was using hack software, but I never used it. Please rectify this injustice.How can I do to resolve this?thank you very much..... when he kicked me off the map to cover up he put this on the ban screen...US_CS: Marxman not hacking, you are the one who hacking, Multihack.....US_CS: Marxman not hacking, you are the one who hacking, Multihack..
Test about 1 month ago
Hi Rat, Please disregard my previous message. I found a form for appealing bans. Kind regards, Test
Test about 1 month ago
Hi Rat, I tried to find information on how to appeal a ban but couldn't find any relevant contacts. I was banned today for using a cuss word, but it was a genuine misspelling. It's difficult to play and write at the same time. Instead of "Take and keep a flag," I accidentally wrote "fag." Is it possible to review and reverse the system's decision? Thank you in advance, Test
murti 5 months ago
Hey Rat, appealed a ban any idea when it will be looked into? thanks
Jon The Baptist 7 months ago
hello there. id like to ask you some help about my misstreated ban by an admin .it happened twice this year and it happened without any real evidence .just some kids raging about me. i understand this is a noob friendly server but i play cod4 years, promod as well .so pls dont missjudge me and ban me without any further evidence . my name in game is Roman Gehrecke. pls contact me as soon as u see this for futher discussion . thanks in advance
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