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Tarzan-nVts- COD4 Admin
Ascentum 5 months ago
Hi Tarzan it's SK - I just recieved a permaban from you while playing under the name "Quantum" on Strike for going 65-5 with an AK47 and shooting a new player through a wall one two occasions who then accused me in chat of cheating. We have spoken numerous times and I'm a well-known player on the server. Your ban was an error and I am not a cheater in any way shape or form. I don't even know how to cheat. You have seen me in the lobby many times and I was instantly banned tonight for no reason at all. I'm not a cheater, just a good player. Mistakes happen but could you kindly please unban me from the nVt servers. They are my favourite and many many people know me in there who know that I am not a cheater at all. I even said hey to you when you joined tonight. |Totally false ban purely because a new player doesn't understand how the game works. I would be very grateful for you to unban me because it is false and I would even encourage you to spectate me to see first-hand that I am not a cheater of any kind. I also regularly !report real cheaters. Please unban me, it is an incorrect and wrong ban. I have even donated before. My steam account is 'Ascentum'. Thank you for your time
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