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Tarzan-nVts- COD4 Admin
Deske76 5 months ago
Hi Tarzan! I am puzzled by the fact that I was banned from the server for a month because I allegedly spoke badly on the server yesterday, which I don't even understand the basis for, it is true that there were two cheaters on yesterday, of which I have a demo recording, but I don't remember that I spoke badly during this time. I don't think that happened, I don't do that, but please look it up. I would like to ask you to cancel it, because this punishment is baseless... You know that I like to play on the server and I don't break any rules. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Sincerely, Deske76!
m21 monster 5 months ago
Hi Tarzan. after 7 month playing on this server i got banned for wh.. I'm clean, I can send a demo if you want. pls unban me, i just wanna play on this server
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