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a Flying Brick-nVts- Head Admin
Liker_ВВ 2 months ago
hi, my complaint was reviewed and the ban was lifted, but I still can’t log into the server due to the ban)) can you help please? Liker_BB
Blink 2 months ago
I would no longer like to be a member of nvts. Please stop banning me from the servers.
Gary 3 months ago
Hey Brick, I did what admin's said and lowered my FPS to 250? Why did I get banned? Check the gameplay it will show I was at 250 FPS.
diablo 3 months ago
Brick I've got banned for using wall hacks but I don't use any hacks I can prove it and spectate me and watch my gameplay if you think I'm hacking
Blink 4 months ago
Brick, do i have to log into discord using my internet browser or can I get a link and put it into my discord app?
diablo 4 months ago
I did an apology to him I think he won't respond he hasn't been online since last month and if i do swear again band me permanently
a Flying Brick-nVts-
a Flying Brick-nVts- 4 months ago
JayJay has allowed me to unban you this time. Next time it will be permanent.
diablo 4 months ago
I wanna say i'm sorry for using offensive words can u remove my ban plz it's been a month now.
sadness 4 months ago
i saw that you rejected my application. i wanted to resubmit but it will not me if you dislike me. atleast i tried
a Flying Brick-nVts-
a Flying Brick-nVts- 4 months ago
I can't accept your application cause at this time you are under a ban. You filed a ban appeal. So once we figure that out: innocent/guilty .. I can advise you on filing out another clan application.
sadness 4 months ago
already done and is you who has to treat it since is you who banned me
sadness 4 months ago
i usually use to play with other admin and even you without having such problem. i don't know why just like that you decided to bann me permanently. all i wanted was a place to play with skilled player with no hack and all the rest.
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