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-nVts- Server Rules & Guidelines
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Server Specific Rules

- No Racism of any kind or disrespect towards Server Staff of other Players

- Our servers are English speaking, keep long conversations in English or you risk getting warned

- No game exploit abusing (elevators, glitches etc)

Problem with a player? Use in-game text !report (name) (reason) or directly to our discord @

- No Offensive or NSFW names

- No recruiting or advertising whatsoever

- No profanity or offensive language will be tolerated

- Camping and spawn camping are not encouraged but allowed

- No fast fire scripts or scroll wheeling are allowed

- The servers belong to your community Respect & Enjoy

If you wish to join The NoVa Veterans Clan, you can request membership @ -nVts- Clan Application. • NoVa Veterans Gaming

*Rules are subject to change moving forward.....