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BoomMikey-nVts- Events Manager
KaRTeLbKa 10 months ago
Доброго дня , грав цілий день ось тількищо зловив бан ! не знаю в чом проблема нічого не порушував ! reason for this ban: english only .. не не порушував і нічого не писав стосовно політики та образливого ! будь ласка розбаньте ! нік KaRTeLbKa
BoomMikey-nVts- 8 months ago
if you gotten banned on our servers you have to type a messages in the forums in the ban appeal page then the admins would talk it over with proper admins about your bans in the servery I can't unban you or you could come onto our discord and talk to a head admin about your ban. if you already unban in our server plz talk english in there thanks friend.
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 looks like he done that to us already now grandpa.

PROMOD Tournament - Upcoming about 1 month ago

hey c4n7g37r1gh7

sorry to inform you the promod event been cancel by Matta (Director) because event captain s1nful quit the clan and event captain Quin doesn't wants the promod event any more if you still instead of any more clans events or scrims plz post in our forums or get a hold of me on discord or matta about your ideals about an event or scrim in our clan.



Event Manager

PROMOD Tournament - Upcoming about 1 month ago

If you interest of running team 2 for the promod event plz pm me on discord now because Quinn quit the "Event Captain" for team 2 the team is in with Uly, Centaurium, demduda, crusher, BabyYoda.  You could be the Team Captain for those people for it. 

Promod Events Captains and who don't want to be a captain also. 5 months ago

Excited to announce the teams that will compete in our promod tournament.  If you still interested in joinning a team for the "Promod Event" DM s1nful-nVts- or DM Quinn-nVts- if your still interested before the events starts.

Team One:  s1nful (Captain), Herrygo, BoomMikey, Apollo, msandory, Bulldog 

Team Two:  Quinn (Captain), Uly, Centaurium, demduda, crusher, BabyYoda

Promod Events Captains and who don't want to be a captain also. 7 months ago

Hey clan members and non clan members also,

                                                                          Who's interested of becoming a "Event Captain" for the promod events we're going to have when we have enough people for it?  Plz dm Quinn-nVts- (COD4 Admin) or S1nful (Clan Member), we are planning to get 2 "Event Captain" for now or post a message in this top if interested being one for the event.  If you interested of joinning it also and not want to become an "Event Captain" plz post that down in this topic also?  Good Lucky in the event and Best teams wins in the event also.




Event Manager



Promod Events Captains and who don't want to be a captain also. 7 months ago
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