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Gladiator-nVts- Director
Ascentum 5 months ago
Hello Gladiator, hope you're well. I was just banned for no reason at all by Tarzan-nVts because I was going 65-5 on Strike and a new player accused me of cheating. 5 seconds later I was permabanned for no reason whatsoever for "using wallhacks" simply because I shot the new guy twice through a wall with Deep Impact while we had a UAV up. Tarzan banned me instantly. Can this please be lifted? Sorry if this isn't the place to do it. I've sent an appeal with the full context. I'm a regular player called SK and loads of people know me on the server from playing nightly.
nick 5 months ago
Hi I was banned for using a VPN on cod 4 servers. Can this be removed please?
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