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JayJay-nVts- Head Admin
Co? 28 days ago
About my ban… I understand that. but can't we show some understanding for a player who came back to the game after many years, installed cfg and didn't look at it? I am not a racist and I do not tolerate this type of behavior. I think I was banned too hastily. cfg is fixed
diablo about 1 month ago
jayjay can you please remove my band I did use offensive words and I've got a temporary band and it's been a month still can't join the servers I won't swear again If I did band me permanently
KaRTeLbKa 7 months ago
Доброго дня , грав цілий день ось тількищо зловив бан ! не знаю в чом проблема нічого не порушував ! reason for this ban: english only .. не не порушував і нічого не писав стосовно політики та образливого ! будь ласка розбаньте ! нік KaRTeLbKa
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